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Helping Law Firms and Legal Departments Implement the Proper tools and Procedures around AI to increase efficiency, protect Your data and Stay ahead of your competitors

The rapid growth of generative AI tools and Large Language Models (LLMs) is now on the verge of transforming the intellectual property (IP) space. Beyond workflow efficiencies, AI tools now have the capability to handle complex day-to-day tasks through application prompts and API system integrations. These rights and legal AI capabilities include drafting contracts, conducting detailed discovery and legal research, as well as extracting critical rights data.

With years of experience implementing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Rights Management, Business Process Management (BPM) and Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, KlarisIP has gained hands-on experience automating workflows and handling AI generated data. KlarisIP stands at the forefront of this dynamic space and can assist law firms and legal deparments in identifying and implementing achievable AI & Automation solutions, while also guiding you through the rapidly changing ecosystem and its pitfalls (i.e. data quality/hallucinations, compliance, ethics, etc.).

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AI & Automation Discovery and Implementation

We help you evaluate your process automation needs and implement the AI solutions that make sense for your organization. This includes:

Thought Leadership

Some helpful resources created by KlarisIP’s consulting team.

The Rights and Metadata Agility Imperative

The new media landscape requires a new information agility model. KlarisIP discuss how rights and descriptive data need to flow automatically to all points of the content ecosystem quickly, accurately, and in a form in which it can maximize monetization when the opportunity arises.

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