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Build The Business Foundation For Managing, Protecting And Monetizing Your IP Content

If you are looking for a comprehensive IP business strategy, KlarisIP can provide a team of domain experts to identify and develop the right tactics for your unique business needs. Our holistic approach looks at the people, processes and technology that manage your IP.

KlarisIP develops actionable plans that lead to tangible business results. Whether you are looking to monetize, optimize or protect your IP content, we help identify achievable opportunities, as well as address the hurdles in reaching those goals.

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IP Business Strategy Activation

We help you reach your IP business goals. This includes:

Thought Leadership

Some helpful resources created by KlarisIP’s consulting team.

Intellectual Property Rights in the Age of the Streaming Wars

Accurately and fairly tracking the rights to intellectual property is one of the primary legal challenges of the entertainment media industry in the age of internet streaming services. Ed Klaris, CEO of KlarisIP, says entertainment companies need to adopt new approaches to IP rights management in order to thrive.

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