Contract Management

When you need help negotiating usage rights or securing / renewing IP licenses, our team of rights clearance and legal experts can help you. We then make contracts “smart” by capturing your key rights and royalties data points.


Whether you need to secure a license to an asset or get a release, our team knows how to work with rights holders to secure the necessary terms. We can help augment your team’s capabilities, enabling your rights clearance resources the ability to scale up their operation. With extensive experience in the media industry, we know how important it is to efficiently secure rights to creative works so that you can meet your deadlines.

Subsequently, knowing your contract’s rights is critical to both protecting against liability, as well creating revenue opportunities. Therefore we know how important it is to capture the metadata around these documents. Using our legal and data knowledge, we extend our meta-tagging capabilities to analyze, interpret and capture the machine-readable data points around your contracts, providing the opportunity to “green light” a high percentage of content. There will always be the need for human interpretation, but even eighty percent automation is a huge win for any company.

These services can help augment your rights capabilities, in turn freeing you up to focus on more strategic initiatives. Our team’s focus is to make sure you get from negotiation to execution in the most favorable and efficient way.


We work with your internal legal and rights teams to define the guidelines by which we should negotiate terms. Once the negotiation is complete, we’ll securely supply you the contract documents and data to store in your internal systems.

Before operationalizing this service, we work with your team to define what contract data needs to be captured. We also work with you to determine if you want to focus on your current contracts or would like to index your archival contracts as well. Once these items are defined, our team will begin the process of creating meta-values around your contracts. The end-to-end process is demonstrated below:

Once we are operationalized, we’ll negotiate and secure licenses based on your guidelines. After the clearance process is complete, we also make sure to capture the necessary documents and data needed for your internal systems. We can embed resources in your operation or have everyone be remote.