Data Operations

We help create, collect, capture and provide insights into the rights and asset metadata that drives discovery and business intelligence across your organization.


Data is the window into your business operation. Having spent years working in Rights and Digital Asset Management systems, we know how important is to create consistent, quality metadata on time.

We can help you break down your data silos by creating relationships between your intellectual property and digital asset resources. Using our data science and IP knowledge, we help to create relationship frameworks that can be applied to all your key IP and data resources.

We can connect the following resources:

  • Contracts
  • Policies
  • Digital Assets
  • Financial Records
  • Published/Distributed Content

Subsequently, we offer meta-tagging services to help you create the key metadata points around your rights, royalties and digital assets. Whether you are looking to start creating data or trying to scale up your existing operation, our experienced team will help guide you on your journey.

We also believe a strong operation requires constant monitoring. Therefore, we offer two key operational services around your asset, rights and royalties process:

  • Data Entry
  • Reporting

Working with you, we ensure that key asset, rights and royalty metadata is captured throughout your day-to-day workflow. This data can include descriptive asset metadata, contract metadata, interpreted rights, rights clearance, or permissions information. Once this data is captured, we can then run daily, weekly or monthly reports around the KPIs you desire.


Before operationalizing this service, we work with your internal stakeholders to define what data needs to be captured and reported on and what system(s) we should use. We’ll also work to build a governance structure that ensures that our work aligns to your standards. Once these items are defined, our team will begin the process of capturing data and running reports.