Rights Management Transformation & Managed Services


National Geographic hired KlarisIP to lead the transformation of the company’s rights management, clearance and contributor payment ecosystem.  

By way of strategic consulting, KlarisIP was able to help National Geographic simplify and modernize their rights management technology, process and data. 

Additionally through the managed service arm, KlarisIP embedded a team of dedicated rights clearance and payment professionals that reduced operational costs by over 25%. This clearance team also improved the throughput and responsiveness around rights requests allowing National Geographic’s to handle their growing content licensing needs.


National Geographic’s rights ecosystem was highly complex. Varied systems and processes existed across the magazine, books, channel and merchandising teams for rights. The need for a single system and uniform processes was critical. This complexity was ultimately hampering National Geographic’s Legal, Rights and Business Affairs teams from efficiently doing their jobs – both from a legal risk and licensing opportunity perspective.


  • Conducted a discovery around the current state rights ecosystem
  • Developed a solution roadmap around the technology, process, data and resourcing of rights throughout the organization
  • Facilitated a formal system procurement process
  • Embedded a dedicated managed service team to handle rights clearances across print and television
  • Implemented a content contributor payment portal


  • Identified critical processes, system and technology gaps and socialized the need for transformation
  • Defined a future state ecosystem to reduce cost and improve licensing/monetization opportunities
  • Helped select a single system of truth for rights across all key divisions
  • Reduced the operational cost of rights clearance by 25%, while improving throughout and accuracy.
  • Provided a turnkey payment process and portal that improved the payment time and ease of use for content contributors

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