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Articles and appearances from the KlarisIP team.

Why Its Time To Decriminalize Rap Music

June 15, 2020

Ed Klaris, CEO of KlarisIP, explores how police and prosecutors have seized on raps lyrics to criminally prosecute its creators and the need for freedom of artistic expression.

Intellectual Property Rights in the Age of the Streaming Wars

March 9, 2020

Accurately and fairly tracking the rights to intellectual property is one of the primary legal challenges of the entertainment media industry in the age of internet streaming services. Ed Klaris, CEO of KlarisIP, says entertainment companies need to adopt new approaches to IP rights management in order to thrive.

The Rights and Metadata Agility Imperative

February 27, 2020

The new media landscape requires a new information agility model. Alex Akers and Ross French discuss how rights and descriptive data need to flow automatically to all points of the content ecosystem quickly, accurately, and in a form in which it can maximize monetization when the opportunity arises.

KlarisIP Discusses Acquisition of Evoque Consulting

May 8, 2018

Edward Klaris, managing partner and CEO of New York-based managed services and consulting firm KlarisIP, said his company’s recent decision to acquire Evoque Consulting, a Los Angeles-based consultancy specializing in movies and TV, revolved mostly around one thing: talent.