The Rights and Metadata Agility Imperative

The new media landscape requires a new information agility model. KlarisIP discuss how rights and descriptive data need to flow automatically to all points of the content ecosystem quickly, accurately, and in a form in which it can maximize monetization when the opportunity arises.

Sam leads the sales team for a media content company — a well-oiled machine that has been making conventional content deals for years. One day her chief strategy officer calls and says “We’re going to launch an entirely new streaming service of our own. I need to know what content we own the rights to stream in each of our top 25 global territories and the expiration dates for all existing licensing deals that would prevent us from including a particular title in the launch. And, I need this information in 48 hours.”

This is the kind of life-changing scenario our clients are either experiencing today or fearing that they will experience soon.

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