Technical Business Analyst

Location: New York City

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About Us:

KlarisIP is a boutique consulting firm, focused on defining the future of content management, information, rights, distribution, and content consumption. We help companies build the most effective, efficient, and agile intellectual property supply chains through the entire lifecycle of acquisition, use, and monetization of content assets. As former strategy and operations executives for some of the content industry’s most recognizable global brands, the KlarisIP team understands the content business and its challenges inherently, and is highly experienced in leading organizations through the people, process, and information transformations that drive real value.


Business Analysts are the foundation of many consulting project teams.  They have the communication skills to engage a technical or business stakeholder in meaningful discussions about their challenges, needs, aspirations that help align all threads to a common goal. Their listening and language skills are used to capture it all in coherent documentation; and the analytical skills to synthesize disparate information streams into a meaningful set of thoughts and actions that will align for their own team members and their clients.  They coordinate project activities for accuracy, completeness, and timeliness, and, above all, are constantly setting and managing expectations. They look out for the team and the project. 

Typical Technical Business Analysis Activities:

  • Coordinating the compilation, review, validation & polish of project deliverable documents from multiple sources and with a diverse group of internal and client project stakeholders 
  • Preparing technical documentation – specifications, data mapping, process flows, architecture diagrams, for example 
  • Preparing initial drafts of project documents – narrative text, presentations, and spreadsheets, for example 
  • Conducting industry and subject matter research at the direction of project leadership 
  • Coordinating internal and client meetings/communications
  • Taking meeting notes, writing them up, validating them with offline research, and iterating them with stakeholders to finalize
  • Preparing project scope, tasks, and estimations in conjunction with project management 
  • Supporting practice & business development through work on thought leadership artefacts, biz dev & marketing collateral 

Competencies – Core Consulting:

  • Organized, with discipline & strong time management 
  • Demonstrates familiarity, knowledgeand interest in a cross-section of the subject matter of our practice – content & digital asset management, information architecture, rights management, and/or intellectual property management 
  • Provides analysis of client & industry data for appropriate client outcomes 
  • Provides well-reasoned & appropriate solutions for client challenges 
  • Synthesizes information quickly from disparate sources
  • Can facilitate client and vendor sessions, effectively listening, meeting expectations, & steering towards proper outcomes
  • Can tune into client dynamics and steer discussions appropriately
  • Understands the client business context, & shapes their own work accordingly
  • Brings clear and articulate writing skills – can prepare & deliver lucid client presentations, prepare preliminary drafts of project deliverables, and compile content from different sources into a single, coherent artifact
  • Identifies subject matter knowledge gaps and takes initiative to address them pro-actively
  • Identifies project schedule, scope, and risk issues 

Competencies – Technical Skills:

  • Demonstrates strong technical analysis and problem-solving skills  
  • Demonstrates familiarity and experience with the technologies of rights, assets, metadata & taxonomy; the tools & systems which manage them, and the architecture in which they fit; the mechanisms by which they are integrated & by which information flows among them; and the technologies & techniques of data migration as legacy technologies are updated and replaced 
  • Can review software documentation (SDKs, APIs, etc.) in detail to support recommendations, validate capabilities, identify gaps, and recommend direction 
  • Can review systems, software, source code, and processes in the context of project goals, and make appropriate recommendations 
  • Participates in test case preparation, validationand execution

Competencies – Contribution to the Practice:

  • Contributes to proposal drafting & supports proposal prep
  • Contributes to thought leadership artifacts
  • Contributes to business research/analysis in support of company strategy
  • Contributes to business development collateral