The Value of the DAM Maturity Model

Enterprises striving to align their business and technology efforts for improved Digital Asset Management (DAM) have since 2012 had a tool to assess their existing readiness and guide their DAM roadmaps. We call it the DAM Maturity Model. 

The model was jointly developed by a broad set of DAM industry experts that included KlarisIP team member David Lipsey.

Effective implementation of a DAM project includes addressing not just technology-related aspects, but also tackling those that relate to human, information and system dimensions. A DAM implementation requires careful planning and development of a holistic strategy to address all such categories of challenge. The DAM Maturity Model provides a structured framework for setting priorities to address these challenges.

In our haste to solve the complex problems of managing digital assets, we often seek first to buy technology rather than taking a step back and looking at the larger challenges of organizational discipline and focus that’s required to be successful. The DMM is a model that can act as a compass to guide enterprises toward the optimal states of technology, workflow, and informational maturity. Success in digital asset management requires a wealth of complementary ingredients, and we’ve made an effort to show how these elements need to work together and mature over time.

The model suggests graded levels of capabilities, ranging from rudimentary information collection and basic control, through increasingly sophisticated levels of management and integration, finally resulting in a mature state of continuous experimentation and improvement. You can mark your present moment using the model and take it out next year at this time to measure your progress. We at KlarisIP can of course guide you along this path, and help you understand not just where you are in DAM, but where you need to go.

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